On going projects

As the world continues to grapple with the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, many underserved communities have been disproportionately impacted due to factors such as inadequate access to sanitation, lack of social safety net and broken supply chains leading to higher prices of food. Sunline Foundation has thus chosen to temporarily shift its focus to supporting covid-19 related initiatives with a handful of trusted partners. While having their core activities aligned with the Foundation's mission, the selected NGOs have a deep understanding of the needs on the ground and are providing critical emergency relief as well as post-COVID adaptation capabilities to their beneficiaries. Thanks to your generous contributions and support, we have helped over 2000 individuals in Bhutan, Cambodia and Thailand.

Bhutan – Improving food security and nutrition for remote nomadic communities

Bhutan's semi-nomadic communities have suffered from food insecurity due to border closures and lock downs. Their lack of capabilities to process and safely store food has exacerbated their poor nutritional intake. In two remote regions Eastern (Samtse) and Western (Trashigang) Bhutan, we have started working with 540 semi-nomadic communities members to increase their food self-sufficiency through a series of trainings and introduction of agricultural and food processing machineries. Despite delays caused by lockdowns and border closures, community engagement is high and the presence of our partner organisation's field officers on the ground has proven essential for the success of the project so far.


Cambodia - Training in organic agriculture for disadvantaged youths

Since recovering from decades of turmoil, genocide, and civil war, Cambodia now faces new challenges. Despite its recent economic growth, it still remains one of the poorest countries in Asia and human and sex trafficking remains a major threat to the younger and poorer communities. Sunline Foundation has partnered with Agir pour le Cambodge, an NGO providing highly successful hotel and restaurant training programs, to conduct training in organic agriculture for 100 disadvantaged youths. The programs aims at helping the young students overcome the pandemic's devastating impact on the tourism industry with more diversified skillsets and become better equipped to tackle the post-covid job market and the challenges of tomorrow including climate change, health and nutrition.  

After 9 months online, the program is finally back on track with all students following classes on site in the campus. It is so good to see all the smiles after 9 months of online teaching!

Thailand – Food, hygiene and education support to migrant workers and their families

Baan Dek Foundation (BDF) provides access to essential education, health and safety services for families of the large migrant worker population. Migrant workers have been hardest hit by the pandemic, as they face mounting debt, job loss, and are no longer able to afford necessities. Their families lack access to basic needs and essential services like proper WASH facilities and education. Sunline Foundation is funding an initiative that provides infrastructure, food, hygiene and education support to migrant workers and their families who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Since the start of the project, 10 communities improved their infrastructure, including the development of community safe spaces for children to play and gather; this benefited 446 children. Our support also enabled the deliveries of solar lights, mosquitoe nets, 800 food and hygiene sets as well as 180 educational support sets. 52 Youth Peer Educators were trained to support child development in their communities to lead non-formal educational activities which will be carried on after the completion of the project.