Tarayana Foundation project update

Adaptiveness and resilience: nothing stops the communities on their path to empowerment

Amidst the COVID 19 Pandemic, Bhutan was forced to lock down all its border with India and imports of all essential commodities were halted.

Despite many challenges these communities are facing, their resilience, adaptiveness and the drive to pursue self-sufficiency has against many expectations ensured that the project could be carried out and adapted to their involving needs.

The closing of boarders internationally, with the resulting reduced access to commodities and increased food prices has further emphasized the need for locally produced goods.

Successful harvest from the newly built greenhouses

Despite earlier barriers in getting supplies of metal frames, the communities have quickly switched to building the structure with local timber, resulting in minimal delays and cost savings. In November this year, the communities have benefitted from two harvests of vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, carrots and cauliflowers, produce that were unavailable or imported at a hefty premium.

Skills training well under way

Once the travel restrictions were lifted, the communities have also started their trainings, including dyeing, sawing and financial literacy. The embroidery training has been changed to re-usable mask making. Surgical masks are not easily available in the region and although the pandemic has so far spared the remote communities, some of the groups still travel seasonally to the Indian border and it will become essential to help them maintain the highest standard of hygiene and social distancing. We are also working with the foundation to explore opportunities for community members to sell some of their hand made face masks.

Women attending dyeing training
Learning how to use a sawing machine

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Building of Community Centre delayed due to administrative barriers

There are major delays in the land approval for the building of the community center. The bureaucratic red tape has been a frequent barrier in the region in the past few months and Tarayana foundation is putting every effort in helping move the discussions forward with the authorities. At the same time, amidst decreased flow of visitors, the Foundation is working with the communities to find new ways of utilizing the community centers in a productive and impactful way once it is completed.