The New Horizons Fund is Launched!

By investing in the New Horizons, you are not compromising financial returns for the benefit of good social deeds. Instead, you invest in the key players of today and the leaders of tomorrow whose success is intrinsically linked to and derived from their alignment with sustainable development goals.

Investors across the globe are shifting their focus from traditional primary industries such as oil&gas, agricultural commodities, to funding innovative business models that address environmental and social needs. This is in part due to the realisation that along with evolving consumer demand, it may cost companies more to ignore environmental and social criteria in their investments.

For the New Horizons fund, we have taken this analysis one step further: the world needs more energy, more food,better health care, faster and more payments. This is nothing new but some of these needs have become unsustainable. For example, can retail e-commercecontinue to grow at annual rate of over 20% without sustainable packaging andenergy efficient logistics? How can we provide more protein (fish and meat) to the new and existing hungry nations without depleting oceans and spoiling our land? These are just a few of the challenges that we face today and we believe that there are companies who can successfully address them while sustaining profit and growth.

Managed by both Teams from Singapore and Geneva, the New Horizons fund seeks to identify these secular trends and challenges and invests in companies that will most benefit from the evolving trends and generate steady returns while delivering on social and environmental performances.

For the clients who invest in this fund, the benefits are two-folds: 1) Capitalising on sustainable companies that will benefit the most  from the evolving post-covid trends and 2) Doing good by being part of Sunline’s philanthropic initiative, as a portion of the management fee will be donated to the Foundation

Invest in our New Horizons fund to benefit from uncompromised financial returns that come with high positive social impact.