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In the most disadvantaged parts of Cambodia, IT curriculum at school is lacking in practical value, as most school and families do not own computers and children learn purely from inadequately designed textbooks. These children are at a significant disadvantage when competing with computer literate peers both in the job market and in tertiary education

Sunline Foundation has partnered with A Child's Dream, a swiss registered, Thailand-based NGO with 20 years of experience on the ground, working with grassroot organisations in helping them bring quality education sustainably to the most disadvantaged communities.

Our impact numbers


Years active in the field


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Close to their beneficaries base and extensive network on the ground

A Child's Dream is head quartered in Thailand and has an excellent team of local staff familiar with their own region and country's needs. They have been working at a very grassroot level for the past 20 years with officers spread out in many thai, and cambodian towns

Professional and transparent

Punctual, precise and transparent. A Child's Dream has proven to be managed professionally and has the capability to provide good quality reports and accurate account of their work and impact on the ground, while keeping its overhead cost well-managed and reasonable.

Despite its growing tourism sector, Cambodia remains one of the poorest and least developed countries in Southeast Asia. Development is not evenly distributed in the country and many rural communities remain poverty-stricken as corruption and self-interest impede the country’s growth. A high percentage of rural high schools in Cambodia lack essential technologies such as computer labs and many students have never seen or used a computer. Hun Sen Bak Anloung Secondary School is located in Sambo Village in the Oddar Meanchey Province of northern Cambodia right along the border of Thailand.

The lack of a functioning computer lab is detrimental to children who are preparing for life after secondary school. There are 137 students (62 boys and 75 girls) aged 12 to 15 who are in desperate need of a fully functional computer lab.

A Child's Dream, our partner NGO will help renovate an existing classroom into a computer lab equipped with 31 desktop computers. We will additionally provide 31 headsets, 1 printer, 1 LCD projector, 2 air conditioning units as well as necessary furniture. These reinforcements will encourage and drive high quality, sustainable computer classes for the students in grades 10 through 12. The funding also includes ongoing training for the computer teachers.

The students will contribute USD 0.25 per month to support the upkeep of the facilities, as agreed with the parents.

The school is also encouraged to develop a revenue generating-project in order to ensure the sustainability of the computer lab once A Child's Dream has exited the project.


The long-term impact of this project is quite expansive as basic computer knowledge is indispensable in today’s labour market, as well as in higher education. In addition, the new computer lab will improve the students’ learning environment and increase their motivation as they witness the practical and useful applications of their education. The school will be responsible for arranging the purchase and installation of the new equipment, but A Child's Dream will offer support to ensure that the equipment is of high quality and that installation is carried out correctly.