DAO Ethical Gifts

"We are a social enterprise aiming at empowering vulnerable women, caring about ethical sourcing. We are guided by our values for People and Planet."

Dao ethical gifts (DEG) is social enterprise aiming at empowering vulnerable women, caring about ethical sourcing. Dao provides customizable and unique products, handmade by marginalized women with locally sourced materials, as an alternative to traditional corporate gifts. DEG supports training in work readiness skills and innovative life coaching to achieve their long-term goals. The marginalized women gain greater independence and skills to navigate life’s challenges. 100% of profits go directly to supporting vulnerable families through its parent organisation Baan Dek Foundation’s social programs. Baan Dek Foundation (BDF), leverages its field expertise to empower the most vulnerable communities, building sustainable programmatic responses and gender-responsive approaches to improve the well-being of the most in-need families and children in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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Women Empowered (Data from January to October 2022)


Training Sessions (Data from January to October 2022)

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As the social enterprise enters its growth phase in full swing, the DEG team recognizes the need to bring in business and sales expertise that might not be fully developed in the NGO sector. The Sunline Foundation supports the hiring of a Sales and Digital Marketing manager that will help bring DEG’s business to the next level, catalyzing the positive impact DEG is bringing to marginalized women.


  • Increased sales leading to increased income to women producers and more women benefitting from involvement with DEG.
  • Increased funding for Baan Dek Foundation’s programs and initiatives.
  • Positive impact is sustained as sales manager will be able to cover his/her salary as sales revenues are increased