DAO Ethical Gifts

"We are a social enterprise aiming at empowering vulnerable women, caring about ethical sourcing. We are guided by our values for People and Planet."

Dao Ethical Gifts (Dao EG) is the spin-off social enterprise of Baan Dek Foundation (BDF) that promotes the economic empowerment of vulnerable women while creating sustainable product solutions for businesses. Dao EG supports marginalized women to break away from the cycle of poverty and violence by providing them with the opportunity to generate extra income by producing ethical, sustainable products. Resonating with the values and Corporate Social Responsibility of each client, Dao EG creates a positive impact in society by partnering with companies looking to contribute to women’s empowerment through events or seasonal gifting. The women at Dao EG handcraft an extensive variety of customizable and sustainable gifts and merchandise using upcycled fabrics and natural materials, including bags, bracelets, t-shirts, premium products, and conference-related souvenirs, making it a versatile partner for companies to trust. 100% of all Dao EG profits are channeled to supporting women and their families through Baan Dek Foundation programs, building sustainable community empowerment pathways.

Our impact numbers


upskill training sessions


percent of Dao EG’s primary producers reported feeling confident to overcome their challenges


percent of Dao EG’s primary producers reported that they have improved abilities to take care of their children

Our activities

As a growing social enterprise, Dao EG is actively working  to enhance organization efficiency and ensure smooth operation to support the enterprise’s sustainability. Through the valuable support from the Sunline Foundation, Dao EG now has a full team comprising of a Social Enterprise Manager and a Sales & Customer Relationship Officer, enabling the team to proactively promote brand awareness, maintain client relationships and continue engaging the private sector to generate social impact and support the empowerment of vulnerable women.


  • Vulnerable women get the opportunity to experience work with Dao EG and are gaining work-related confidence and economic empowerment.
  • Vulnerable women develop the resilience to invest in their future and the future of their children.

DAO Ethical Gifts

“I want to continue improving my sewing skills and be able to produce more products for Dao Ethical Gifts. I want to save the money that I earn from Dao Ethical Gifts to buy a house for myself and my children in the future.” - A.

39-year-old A., of Lahu ethnicity, first moved to Suphanburi from Chiang Rai with her husband and their four children. Pregnant with her fifth child, she was unable to do any work and only looked after her children at home. Upon finding out that her husband had a second wife, she separated from him and moved to Chiang Mai alone with her youngest daughter, who is noweight-years-old. Her oldest son and daughter, now 24 and 18 years respectively, live with their grandmother in Chaing Rai, and her third child lives with her husband’s relatives and is no longer in contact. Unfortunately, her husband passed away after she moved to Chiang Mai.


She moved to Chiang Mai with just 15,000 Thai baht and with no family or friends to seek support from. Despite the difficulties, she did not share them with her family and went through them by herself. She rented a room for 600 Thai baht per month and searched online for shelters or organizations that could support her and her daughter. She came across a shelter but was informed that they would only be able to support her for three months. However, as she was close to her delivery date and soon after giving birth, the staff continued to support her for an additional three months, after which she was referred to another shelter, where she stayed for two years.


A., joined BDF’s Women’s Empowerment Project (WEP) in 2020, after being recommended by a staff from the shelter where she was residing. The shelter also referred other women in similar situations to BDF in previous years. She joined WEP in hopes of learning skills that would be useful to earn money. Through the various training sessions, she shared her increased knowledge of child rights, labor rights, financial management, future planning, and making her own action plan. She also learned to build her self-esteem and confidence, further motivating her to continue working.


Working as a Dao EG producer was her first work experience, and she applied all the skills she had acquired from hard skills training (hand embroidery) to produce various Dao EG products, including the Bolt bracelets and backpacks. Proud of her achievements, she single-handedly made 200 bolt bracelets for ASCO LOTUS, one of Dao EG’s clients. From the income that she earned from this particular production and with help from BDF’s Case Manager and Dao EG, she purchased a motorbike. Despite the issues with her weak eyesight, A. is constantly motivated to continue producing more of Dao EG’s products and keep refining her skills. She receives school support (including financial support) from BDF for her daughter’s education and also has a part-time job as a cleaner. A. wishes to save the additional income from Dao EG to own a small house for herself and her children in the future.