We work closely with our charities to help them grow over time

Our approach to creating positive change

We apply business thinking in supporting the growth of social purpose organisations through strategic financial and technical support. In doing so, we hope that our resources will have a 'multiplier effect' and create lasting impact on disadvantaged communities.

​Leaders in the not-for-profit space are turning to the private sector to borrow some of the approaches and tools that would help organisations increase efficiency, explore new ways of generating revenue and break-out of aid dependency. This would lead to better utilised philanthropy money and more importantly, sustained positive impact beyond the donor's support.

At Sunline Foundation, we believe that organisations that have a potential for self-sufficiency should be encouraged and supported for the following reasons:

Increased chances for long-term success:

More than half of donors give only once to an organisation, which means organisations have to constantly look for new sources of funding. An organisation that is less reliant on donors will be able to use fewer resources on fundraising and more on building supportive long-term models

Increased organisational efficiency and efficacy:

Organisations that are more business-minded tend to be more efficiently ran. Compared to large top-down development projects, a market-based approach is also likely to be better at providing solutions driven by local needs and often include the beneficiaries in their revenue generation model and thus enabling them to take action to improve their own lives.

Greater focus on capacity building:

Donor funding often goes to specific projects and beneficiaries, whereas there is little attention to talent and organisational capabilities of the organisations implementing the projects. A focus on financial sustainability means greater investment in organisational capacity building.

Our approach to creating positive change



We work with local partners to identify Social Purpose Organisations with projects that are sustainable, cost effective and that create self-reliance in their communities.



We carry out thorough due-diligence and impact assessment to understand the organisation's needs, challenges and impact potential.


Holistic Support

We provide targeted, strategic support across three thematics:Social Impact, Financial Sustainability & Organisational resilience. Where necessary, non-financial support may be provided by carefully selected partners.


On-going Monitoring

Together with our grantees and local partners, we set milestones and KPIs and work closely with them to monitor progress and ensure common objectives are achieved.

Our Impact Philosophy

For us at Sunline Foundation, making an impact doesn’t only mean promoting scalability and touching as many lives as possible. We believe that it is also important to reach isolated grassroots organisations that are changing the lives of small vulnerable communities. Such organisations are often ignored by donors looking to hit big impact numbers.

While these organisations work with smaller numbers and their achievements are less often noticed and showcased, their work is extremely impactful and should be encouraged to develop sustainable local solutions.