Maximise your philanthropic dollars

As a donor, there is a wide range of possibilities for you and your family to get involved in

All donors and investors in either the Foundation or the New Horizons Fund will also have the opportunity to leverage on their wealth of experience  in helping our grantees grow and strengthen their operations. Technical support activities range from providing advice remotely to conducting field visits and participating in impact assessment studies. We particularly focus on transmitting values to our donors’ next generation by putting their skills and strengths to the test.

Sunline Foundation is incorporated as a charitable society under Swiss Law. We are tax-exempt by the tax authorities of all the Swiss Cantons as well as the federal tax authorities. If you are a swiss tax payer, you may be able to deduct donations to the Sunline Foundation from your taxable income. The yearly minimum and the amount deductible can vary from Canton to Canton

How to contribute


Invest in the New Horizons Fund and the management will donate a percentage of their fees.


Donate part or all of the capital gains you receive from the investment fund.


Invest directly into the Fund and the Foundation.


Involvement in non-financial support programmes


Our financially sustainable operating model

Established and managed by an experienced team from Sunline Wealth Management, The New Horizons Fund will sustainably support the activities of the Foundation by donating a percentage of management fees.
All Sunline clients have the option to invest in this fund, which will generate not only financial returns but also positive, and lasting social returns.
For individuals that wish to do more, they can choose from the additonal options, which include technical, non-financial support.

Select the type of involovement that suits you best

Once invested in Sunethic, donors can then choose to contribute further with addition financial or hands-on commitments.


Hands-on Contribution

Provide ad-hoc advice
Take on formal advisory role  
Participate in field-based impact assessment studies
Provide hands on technical assistance